Spa Services & Pricing

From nail trims, baths and quick tidies to full grooms and spa services, at Posh Paws Fur Cause, we have your fur-babies covered from nose to tail!
Standard (listed) pricing is for regularly groomed, well-behaved dogs and is based on pet size (by weight), coat length, coat style and coat condition.

Puppy Grooming Orientation

This service is focused on getting your 10–12-week-old fur-baby accustomed to the grooming experience. It includes a bath and facial, brush out, drying, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary, face and foot “trim.” We do our very best to pamper your fur-baby so they look forward to seeing us for their first full groom. Note: this service is not a full groom. Refer to our FAQ page for more information.

$50 – 75 + HST

Bath & Dry

This service includes a bath, brushout, and drying only. It is generally offered when your fur-baby is not in need of any other maintenance services.

$40 – $100 + HST

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Bath & Fresh

This is a service generally offered “in between” full groom visits, specifically for short-haired, single-coated dogs (Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, Rottweilers, etc.). It includes a bath, brush out, drying, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

$45 – $80 + HST

Bath & Tidy

This is a service offered “in between” full groom visits, specifically for long-haired and/or double-coated dogs (Poodles, Shih-Tzu’s, Doodles, Huskies, etc.), who require more regular care to maintain a fresh and healthy coat. It includes a bath, brush out, drying, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary, face and foot “trim”, and a coat tidy.

$55 – $120 + HST

Australian Shepherd

Full Groom

This service offers your fur-baby the full spa experience from nose to toes. It includes a bath, brush out, drying, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary, face and foot trims (or shaves), and a full breed-specific haircut.

$65 – $125 +HST

Spa Day

This service goes beyond the full groom experience, including all the “full groom” services, along with a blueberry facial and a 15-minute massage of the face, body, legs and toes. This is a great service for older fur-babies, those who suffer from skin conditions (to improve circulation) and/or for those clients who want to pamper their fur-babies every now and then, or perhaps on a regular basis.

$85 – $150 + HST

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This is considered a maintenance service for long-haired dogs, whose “Grinch-feet” often need to be manicured in between their regular grooming appointments. The service includes a nail trim, a tidy of the hair in and around the feet and toes and a shaving of the fur around the paw pads.

$25 – $40 + HST

Walk-in Nail Service

At Posh Paws Fur Cause, we realize that not every pet parent is comfortable cutting their dog’s nails. While many of our regular grooming services include a nail trim, sometimes our pups just need a quick touch-up, to keep the nails at a reasonable length and the nail beds healthy. Our daily walk-in nail service (no appointment necessary) for a nail trim or nail grind, is available from 9 am – 3 pm.

Pricing for this service ranges from $20 – $30 + HST


A La Carte Services

We offer a list of add-on services to any of our maintenance and grooming packages, to keep your furry companions looking and feeling their best. These services include blueberry facials, undercoat removal, de-matting (a maximum of 30 minutes), ear cleaning, nail trims, nail grinding, sanitary trims, face trims and teeth brushing. While clients can add of these services to their pup’s regular grooming schedule, appointments can also be booked for any of these “A La Carte Services” in between regular grooming appointments.

Additional Information

Additional charges (over and above standard pricing) will apply for pre-shaving, undercoat removal and/or de-matting of double-coated and/or poorly maintained coats. A surcharge will also apply for the handling of difficult dogs, who require an extra set of hands to help manage them throughout the grooming process.

Customers can request an “Estimate” when booking online; however, it is important to note that this is based on the information provided during the booking process and is subject to change, upon intake of the pet and during the grooming process.

Our breed size categories range from:

  • Mini (< 15 lbs)
  • Small (15-30 lbs)
  • Medium (31-59 lbs)
  • Large (60-75 lbs)
  • Extra-large (76-90 lbs)
  • Giant (90+ lbs)

Coat length and style are categorized as one of the following:

  • Short-Coated Breeds
  • Long-haired Single-Coated Breeds
  • Poodles, Poodle Mixes, Double-Coated and Curly-Coated Breeds
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