Our Vision

At Posh Paws Fur Cause, we not only care about your fur-baby, we care about our community. As part of our vision, we believe that having a positive, social impact is as important as our level of commitment to our customers and their fur-babies.

How We Help

Donations to Shelters

We donate a portion of our proceeds to local animal shelters.

Community Support

We are committed to hiring and training women from marginalized communities to give them an opportunity to get (back) into the work force while learning the grooming trade. Through our written, in-house, 3-year training program, they will have the ability to earn a competitive wage while learning to groom through our formal training program and on-the-job training with our most experienced groomers.

Discounts on Grooming

We offer discounted pricing of our services for low-income senior citizens in our community who may not have the disposable income to support regular grooming of their fur-babies. It is our long-term goal to also provide pick up and delivery service to those clients who struggle with transportation of their pets to/from their grooming appointments.

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